Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette
June 27, 2020

Dating has become much easier for singles these days. You don't have to leave home to get to know people, you can simply join a dating site online, search the profiles, and get in touch with the people you find the most interesting. In some cases you will notice that the person is not someone for you and in other cases there seems to be a click and you can consider taking a step further towards a serious date. Of course there are also rules for online dating that you must observe. These rules include how to behave on dating sites.

Post a profile photo, this shows confidence

Especially if you are looking for a serious relationship, it is important to at least post a profile picture. This indicates that you are looking seriously for a date and that you also take the other person seriously. Not posting a photo shows suspicion and others will feel that you have something to hide. Other users will therefore not take you seriously. Furthermore, you do not have to post naked photos of yourself on a dating site, on a serious dating site people are not looking for erotic content.

Tell others about yourself 

What applies to profile pictures also applies to profile texts. Tell something about yourself. A profile without text looks strange and also makes people mistrust you. You really don't have to expose all your information, but a short description about yourself is the minimum. On the basis of this text, people can determine whether or not they make contact with you. If you try to approach someone without profile text, chances are that this person will drop out.

Respond to received messages even if you are not interested

When you receive an interest message from someone, it is so neat to respond to it. Even if you do not find the person in question interesting. It is never nice to reject people, but it is necessary. That way, that person knows where he or she stands. You don't have to tell long stories or explain why. Be short and polite. You can thank the other user for the message and indicate that you are not interested. You can also wish the person good luck in finding a partner, for example. This way you indicate in a clear and friendly way that you are not interested and the other person can continue with his or her search.

Dating with multiple people at the same time

Many daters keep several lines open during their search. Even when they meet someone in person. While some people find this acceptable, there are also daters who have issues with this. Whatever you do, be honest about it. By being open, you let your date know that you respect him or her. If you do not inform someone about this, there is a good chance that he or she will find out later. With all its consequences.

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